**Due to the Governor Walz Covid-19 Guidelines for Orchards we are not allowed to do SOME of these activities during the 2020 Season**

{for the kids}

There’s always something for the whole family at LuceLine Orchard! Whether your little ones want to go on rides or play with the friendly farm animals, we’ve got you covered!


>> Hayrides (only available Saturdays and Sundays): Come ride our lime green hay wagon through the orchard, vineyard and around the farm – with a stop in the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins, gourds and squash! We can pick it for you if you prefer.
Hayride / Corn Maze Combo: $6 per person (kids age 2 and under are free!)

>> Corn Maze: Get lost! In our tricky corn maze! It’s a challenge to find your way out! – OPEN

>> Animals to Visit – OPEN

>> Hay Mountain: Become a mountain climber! Climb Mount LuceLine, our hay mountain. The air is thin up there!

>> Hay Hill: Our smaller version of Hay Mountain for the little ones.


>> Kiddie Train Ride (only available Saturdays and Sundays): Wheeeeee! Hop in a car and take a chauffeured ride around the farm! $3 per rider


>> Children of the Corn Tent: Kids can play in our large box of fresh off the cob field corn! Now bigger, better and under a tent!

>> Swings: Swings for the little ones and adults too!


>> Animals: Enjoy watching our beloved pets! Meet the fainting goats, twins Owen and Walter! Carol and Camryn the angus heifers, Tommy and Todd the mini donkeys, Rose and Tango the twin babydoll sheep and their big sister Dottie! Don’t forget Briggs the Bernese Mountain Dog And Porter the golden retriever! Chickens, Einstein with his plume of feathers on his head along with his wife Elsa and the other LuceLine chicks that hang together. Also cats, Nels and Harriet!