Experience picking your own apples or even better yet, we’ll pick them for you!  Apples keep the best when kept in our 35 degrees Apple House where they are stored after picking.  This helps keep the apples crisp, juicy and delicious!  We have a variety of apples to satisfy any and all taste buds.  Many of our apples have been developed at the University of Minnesota Horticultural Research Center.

LuceLine Orchard Apple Picking Rules

  1. Must purchase one of LuceLine Orchard Apple bags to enter the orchard.  Cash only at the orchard entrance, credit cards & cash accepted in the barn.
  2. No backpacks, outside bags, containers or outside food or beverages allowed.
  3. Strollers & Wagons will be checked at the exit.
  4. Pick apples only in marked rows.
  5. Twist apples off the tree to avoid waste & damage to trees.
  6. No Apple Throwing.
  7. No climbing or shaking trees.
  8. Orchard Is Under Surveillance.

Our Varieties of Apples

Keep in mind that our apples ripen at different times depending on the breed of the apple

First Kiss: An early season favorite!

Zestar!: Carol Traen’s favorite!  Our earliest apple of the season.  Everyone’s excited when the first juicy, sweet/tart tasting Zestar apples are picked!  Available early Sept.

SweeTango: Katie’s favorite!  Parentage is the Honeycrisp and Zestar.  Sweet and Tangy perfection! Available early Sept.

Honeycrisp: A great mid-season apple of which our Reed can’t get enough!  Juicy with a mildly aromatic flavor and a great storage life to boot!  Uses: Excellent for eating, jazzing up a salad, or making a delicious dessert!

Haralson: Rich’s favorite! A late-season crisp juicy and tart apple.  Good for eating, cooking, and baking pies!

Keepsake: Terri’s favorite! Fun Fact – One of the parents of the Honeycrisp apple.  Wonderful sweet/crisp apple, smaller in size and picked late season with a great shelf life!

Sweet 16: Paige and Matt’s favorite!  Very sweet and succulent – some people compare it to candy!

Connell Red/Fireside: Connell Red is a naturally occurring mutation of the fireside apple …pretty much the same apple.  Big, sweet and firm with a complex flavor!  Beautiful big apples that are wonderful baked with LuceLine Honey, raisins, walnuts and cinnamon. Uncle Jerry loves Connell Reds!

Snow Sweet: Abby’s favorite!  A sweet/tart taste with pretty white flesh, slow to brown when cut.  Excellent for salads and desserts!

Come visit our Orchard for an unforgettable family experience!