Apple Orchard in MN

MN Apple Orchards

You Pick or Better Yet We Pick For You – Apples keep the best in our Apple House at 34 Degree


At our MN Apple Orchard, we have a variety of apples to satisfy any and all taste buds.

🍎We have a variety of apples, many developed at the University of Minnesota Horticultural Research Center

🍎 After picking we move them them to our 34 degree cooler. Apples crisp up and are cold, juicy & delicious!



LuceLine Orchard Apple Picking Rules 🍎

1. Must purchase one of LUCELINE ORCHARD Apple bags to enter the orchard. Cash only at the orchard entrance, credit cards&cash accepted in the barn.
2. No backpacks, outside bags, containers or outside food or beverages allowed.
3. Strollers&Wagons will be checked at the exit.
4. Pick apples only in marked rows.
5. Twist apples off the tree to avoid waste&damage to trees.
6. No Apple Throwing.
7. No climbing or shaking trees.
8. Orchard Is Under Surveillance.

Thank you for visiting our family owned and operated farm! 🍎.


{apples that are available}

Apples Ripen at Different Times


First Kiss

An early season favorite.



Carol Traen’s favorite! Our earliest apple of the season. Everyone’s excited when the first juicy, sweet/tart tasting Zestar apples are picked! Available early Sept.


Katie’s favorite! Parentage is the Honeycrisp and Zestar. Sweet and Tangy perfection! Available early Sept.


A great mid-season apple of which our Reed can’t get enough! Juicy with a mildly aromatic flavor and a great storage life to boot! Uses: Excellent for eating, jazzing up a salad, or making a delicious dessert!



Rich’s favorite! A late-season crisp juicy and tart apple. Good for eating, cooking, and  baking pies!



Terri’s favorite! Fun Fact – One of the parents of the Honeycrisp apple. Wonderful sweet/crisp apple, smaller in size and picked late season with a great shelf life!


Sweet 16:

Paige and Matt’s favorite! Very sweet and succulent – some people compare it to candy!


Connell Red/Fireside:

Connell Red is a naturally occurring mutation of the fireside apple …pretty much the same apple. Big, sweet and firm with a complex flavor! Beautiful big apples that are wonderful baked with LuceLine Honey, raisins, walnuts and cinnamon. Uncle Jerry loves Connell Reds!


Snow Sweet:

Abby’s favorite! A sweet/tart taste with pretty white flesh, slow to brown when cut. Excellent for salads and desserts!

Come visit our Orchard for an unforgettable family experience!