Sunday, July 16, 2023
Bernie Sandquist

This is Bernie Sandquist from Watertown, Mn.

Bernie passed away 1 year ago today at the age of 97. She celebrated her 95th birthday with a party at the orchard. Her husband Cliff the love of her life passed away in 1997. She is survived by her son Sam, the other love of her life. (Please watch the videos of Bernie, Barbara Samuelson talking about life out here in the 1930’s and the man who’s sister passed away in the house fire. All talking about living here posted in the comment section of this post)
Bernie lived here from the 1930’s until around 1942. The first photo is her graduation picture. The 2nd photo is Bernie age 96 in front of the same door on the house! Same picture window as in the first picture also. The current door, window and siding are original from 1900. Rose Avenue as it is called now had no name.
Bernie attended Hutchinson teaching school and took the Luce line train. When the engineer found out she lived here, they stopped the train so she could get off!
She was a teacher of all grades in a 1 room schoolhouse for many years and never experienced disciplinary problems. She or the bigger older boys would bring in wood for the fire in the winter. She pumped water and they drank from a dipper.
She felt the younger kids learned faster because they heard what the older kids were learning. (Rich also went to a 1 room schoolhouse through 4th grade, they closed it in 5th grade) He was the only kid in his grade so he always says he was the smartest and the dumbest kid in his class!)
When Bernie lived here with her family the Carlson’s, there was no indoor plumbing or electricity in our house.
Our ONE large closet was their “Chamber room” they only used that in the winter. When it was nice out they used an outhouse.
I have an old stand up wooden radio with push buttons in the corner of the dining room. When Bernie came in she said “My Dad used to sit in that corner and listen to the radio at night”
She teared up a little when she first visited and saw that we fixed up the barn. Many people said to tear it down. It was caving in. Cheaper to build a new one and more space, but I fell in love with the barn when I first saw it.
She figured it would’ve been torn down. She told us where the hog shed was and other buildings and visited at least twice a year.
Bernie was a very down to earth lady with a quick sense of humor. She was thoughtful and always wore an apple shirt or sweater when she visited, and we loved her visits!
Even our rescue Belgian looks similar to one of the horses Bernie’s Dad used to work the farm.
We have had many people stop by who have lived here over the years including a man who’s 18 month old sister passed away in a fire in the house in the 1960’s. He was visiting from Tennessee and was surprised to see the farm is now an orchard.
We wanted to pay a tribute to Bernie on the anniversary of her passing.
We are so happy we got to know her.

By Luce Line Orchard