Monday, January 23, 2023
The LuceLine Orchard

LuceLine Orchard is a sprawling 155-acre property located in Watertown, MN that offers a unique, picturesque outdoor venue for engagements, grooms dinners, reunions, parties, company events and much more! The LuceLine Orchard is family operated by Rich and Terri and their children and spouses: Reed and Katie, Abby and Ryan, and Paige and Matt. They also have two rescue animals, a Belgium horse name Abby and a kitty named Cider that are now part of the family! 

Rich and Terri both grew up on or working on a farm, so it was in their blood from the beginning. The first eight years of their marriage was spent farming with Rich’s parents near the Luce Line Trail. After nearly 20 years of saving, in 2004, Rich and Terri were able to purchase their own farm. Pumpkins were their very first crop and in 2007 they planted their first 300 apple trees. By 2009 they had planted their first acre of grapes and by 2012 with the help of family and friends, nearly 10,000 apple trees and six acres of grapes had been planted and LuceLine Orchard was officially branded!⁠

They've weathered all sorts of storms but the biggest was the 2015 tornado that took out half of their apple trees. With the kindness and support that they received from family, neighbors, and friends in the community they were able to replant and are now thriving!

When asked what their favorite part of owning and operating an orchard is they said, “their love of nature, animals and watching the sun rise and set after a long day of farming has been the most humbling experience and to share it with family is the true meaning of a happy life.” They also love to host free concerts and events in their natural amphitheater space outside! Seeing people’s faces light up with excitement makes it all worth it. 

The orchard is a magical place to host any type of event, click here to schedule.

By Luce Line Orchard